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#MyGLPStory: GLP Has Given Life To My Childhood Dream of Becoming a Successful Farmer

Growing up as a child, Ebenezer Fawamide had one big dream. He wanted to become a successful farmer so he could feed millions of people across Africa. In 2018, he became a GLP fellow and this helped him gain clarity on his long-held dream. As a result, he started to work on it aggressively. His efforts are beginning to pay off.

“My name is Fawamide Olumide Ebenezer and I live in Kaduna. I am a farmer or better still you can call me an agripreneur. Looking back, I can boldly say that GLP fellowship has made a dramatic difference in my life.”

While working with his mentor during the 2018 GLP fellowship, Ebenezer started refining his agricultural business. He started with a small goat dairy farm but soon expanded to poultry, with a focus on layers and broilers, in 2019. Early this year, he also delved into the fishery so as to expand his reach in the agriculture sector.

“GLP helped me a lot especially in the area of mentorship. My mentor Godwin Nwachukwu, the CEO of Hante Tutors who is a vest man, took me through various business models and this really helped me to gain vast knowledge in handling my business. He also taught me very good strategies on how to sell my products.,” Ebenezer said passionately.

Fawamide Ebenezer has now moved from having a dream of becoming a successful farmer to becoming the CEO of Ebbysun Agripreneur World. In addition to his farms, he also has an office where he renders consulting services on various agricultural practices and cares for animals.

Some of the workers at Ebbysun Agripreneur World

He concluded: “Right now, I have 6 workers here and that is projected to become 21 by 2021. I am willing to make a big difference in the lives of other young people by making them see the prospect of the farming business so we can create employment opportunities. We also need funding as well as investors so that we can scale the impact we’re making in Kaduna and beyond.”

Ebenezer is one of the 95 GLP fellows who are making a difference in 30 Nigerian states and the FCT Abuja. You can read more about the work of our fellows.

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