Mustapha: GLP Has Been Very Instrumental To My Career And Leadership Growth

Abubakar Mustapha is an outstanding 2019 GLP fellow who is creating positive change in his community as well as his place of work. Since becoming a GLP fellow, he has applied many of the principles learned to make more impact as the South-South East Zonal Youth Coordinator of NASFAT, a foremost Islamic organization in Nigeria. Meet Mustapha.

I am an Engineer and a management enthusiast. A God-fearing and disciplined person who is committed to anything he does. 

GLP has helped me directly and Indirectly in quite interesting ways. It has helped me directly to know about some new concepts and indirectly by validating things I already know and do. Specifically, I learnt about branding as a concept through GLP in one of the training sessions. 

The quest to maintain and improve my personal brand has not only been instrumental to my career growth but serves as a sauce in the leadership position I currently hold as South-South South East Zonal Youth Coordinator in NASFAT, a widely subscribed Islamic organization. In a nutshell, I have learnt strategies to carve a strong Niche for myself wherever I belong. 

The validating aspect was in the areas of Impact making and reinforcing my interest in community service. Going through GLP training helped me organize my thoughts of contributing to the nation in a more achievable way against wild and scattered wishes.

This I was able to demonstrate during the early times of the ravaging pandemic (All thanks to God) by making an impact on few people I could instead of waiting and wishing the Government does it. In summary, I had my thought process re-engineered after going through GLP that I can make impacts in little ways and get a great result.

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2 thoughts on “Mustapha: GLP Has Been Very Instrumental To My Career And Leadership Growth”

  1. Good recommendation/observation, Bro Mustapha has always demonstrate an expectional leadership character. Which I had cherish so much about him. I which people like him will get to opsition of authority in Nigeria. Nice one my digital coordinator

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