GLP Fellowship

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Welcome to the application portal for GLP 2022.


GLP is creating opportunities for young people to become transformational leaders– to find purpose and make a difference in their society. 


This year, we will select, train, and connect committed young leaders from around the world with opportunities. We have a list of extraordinary facilitators and mentors who currently live in 14 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 


Over the years we have trained over 200 young people who have gone on to make meaningful contributions to their world. You may read more about the amazing testimonials from some of our past fellows here.


Through our fellowship, online community, master classes, and community leadership centres, we want to have a POSITIVE IMPACT on at least 100 million people– mostly young persons, women, children, and the extremely poor– over the next 5 years.


Who is eligible to apply?


  • Any young person from any country between the ages of 18 to 30. 
  • You have access to a phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.
  • You want to become a transformational leader and create positive change.
  • You must be proficient in English language (both verbal and written).
  • You must have an idea that you are working on.

Apply HERE.

The application closes at 11.00pm EST on Sunday, April 24.

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This programme came at an opportuned time. I had suicidal thoughts before then. I had given up on Nigeria ever being great but with the reorientation here, I can boldly say I am a changed person. The splendour of yesterday has been born again. Thanks to GLP.
- Amarachi Obidiaju, GLP Fellow 2019
I want to say a big thank you to minds and heart behind GLP, to all the facilitators that took out time to take us to a new world of ideas, I say a big thank you and may God bless u all. I have learnt so much that I am confident I will be able to give so much out there
- Osagie, GLP Fellow 2019
GLP class 2019 has been of great impact and I boldly say I am not the same as before, my perspective has been restructured towards some issues and I am fully ready to be out there and make impact.
- Danlami Godswill, GLP Fellow 2019
GLP has been a wonderful platform to showcase my potential and helped me meet people of like minds and this has spurred me on to do greater things. GLP is an amazing network of change makers.
- Benedicta Uweru, GLP 2018 Fellow
If you see how reluctantly I registered for this GLP on Twitter, you will never believe I would have learnt this much. One thing I know is that everything is divine. I have learnt a lot In a short time. I can say that my level of information has doubled in the past few weeks. GLP is God’s idea for preparing His people for a perfect leadership of this country. A special thanks to General, Ceeroh and all our facilitators. God will bless and reward all your efforts.
– Benson Success, GLP Fellow 2019
I never knew I could explore more on teenagers until I joined GLP. It definitely is a place to discover purpose and follow clarity. GLP really made me push further from just blogging to talking which was as a result of the community project I embarked on. Thank you, GLP. It’s really an insightful place to be.
- Victoria Fakiya, GLP 2018 Fellow

GLP fellowship was the very first fellowship I attended since I started working in the development space. This program really changed my leadership style positively through mentorship and follow - up. GLP program built my skills and opened my eyes to other life-changing opportunities.

Thanks to my mentors MZ Magnanimous and Generalkopho for pushing me to achieve more.

Through GLP program and trainings, I was able to apply for other opportunities, which gave me a greater chance to be selected among the 500 United People Global Sustainability Leader.

Congratulations to me.

Thank you GLP team.

Thank you my mentors.
- Uwakmfon Alfred Michael, GLP 2020 Fellow
Out of all the leadership training I have attended, this is the most organized. From day one to the exam, it was well structured. The facilitators are topnotch, the organizers are strict and empathic at the same time, my fellow GLP Fellows are great and awesome leaders. Truly, GLP is a serious business; I definitely will tell my story about GLP in the future. It’s not like the norm, it’s extremely different and impactful.
– Lilian Efobi, GLP Fellow 2020
This GLP program is a life changer for me, it has changed my way of thinking and opened my eyes to new possibilities. I can’t really appreciate the organizers enough for giving me such an amazing opportunity to rediscover myself and find my purpose.
-Ibrahim Saleem Muhammad, GLP Fellow 2020
I sincerely learned a lot, more than I expected. When I usually hear of leadership programs, I don’t put many mind to it since most talk theoretic that is inapplicable in real-life situations, but in this fellowship, I learned skills and techniques that are actually useful in today’s world. During these two weeks, I was also able to act as a leader to my team and I feel I took a step closer to becoming the leader I want to be. Thank you very much for granting me this opportunity.
-Olivia Alabi, GLP Fellow 2020