Dreams Come True: The Story Of 2021 GLP Fellows

In 2021, we received 317 applications from all 36 Nigerian states and FCT. 37 of those were shortlisted for interview and 15 finalists were selected for the fellowship. However, only 13 of them graduated as fellows. These young leaders were trained on the concept of transformational leadership, effective communication strategies, social media use for change, and emotional intelligence.

After the opening ceremony, the structure of the fellowship greatly appealed to me as it does not only give fellows the opportunity of knowing the theoretical knowledge of leadership and community development but everyone will be saddled with the responsibility to take up projects that will shape their communities in the most creative and innovative ways.

Felicia Moses

They were also taught team-building skills, business idea development, purpose-driven decision-making strategies, young people and leadership, and presentation skills, over the course of five weeks. While gaining theoretical and practical knowledge from these pieces of training, they were also gaining hands-on experience from their mentors, who currently reside in 14 countries.

I am not the person I was four weeks ago. Decision-making-wise, I thought I knew a lot, but GLP proved me wrong, utterly wrong. The Aikido model, Iceberg model, Know Your Why, Modelling Complex Systems, and System Dynamics learned at GLP have now put me in the driver’s seat of making excellent and informed decisions. 

Idris Muhammad

The program climaxed with the ideas pitch contest which had several fellows competing for the grand prize of #100,000. Consequently, Monica Nguveren Dzuamo won the top spot with her project on mental health. Ekene Ohabughiro came second with his ‘Bypork’ business proposal, thereby winning a #50,000 grant. He was also was the Overall Best Graduating Student.

Going through a series of lectures under different facilitators has brought about diverse changes to my perspective about purpose, career development, and growth level. I am now working with the consciousness of using my skills, talent, and position to make a difference in other people’s life.

Adedeji Adeoti

The Generalkopho Leadership Program has brought achange to my mental thinking. My experience in GLP is very vast but I will cut it short. Prior to this month, I was not fueled with leadership, but the GLP scheme has changed my life for the better.

Adegbulu Emmanuel

Joshua Gbakeji and Goodness Tamuno Kelechi-Ahunanya jointly won the Emerging Leader Award, which is in recognition of a leader that makes an appreciable impact in the lives of other fellows during the program. The fellows were given a group task to design a solution to a key problem in Nigeria and members of Group 5, which comprised Adegbulu Emmanuel, Adek Bassey, and Cornelius Gabriel won.

GLP has taught me how to become not just a leader but a transformational leader; I should be able to use my talents, skills, and position to make a difference in the lives of other people. I should be able to see through the lens of others and strive for excellence, greatness and be an exemplary leader. I got an opportunity to meet new friends, mentors, and business partners through GeneralKopho Leadership Program 2021 fellowship.

Goodness Tamuno Kelechi-Ahunanya

The fellows expressed their satisfaction with the program and gratitude to the GLP team. Since then, they have been driving positive change in their communities and everywhere they go.

I am very grateful to Almighty God for making it a success to this day that I am going to graduate from this wonderful program. Indeed I see the hands of God in my life this month for making it come to reality for me this day. With a heart full of gratitude, I say a very big thank you to all the GLP family, to my family members, to my colleagues, and to everybody that contributes to making this journey a success. God bless you all.

Cornelius Gabriel

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