2020 GLP Fellow and Grantee Oluwatoyin Agaja Empowers Students in Ogun

Oluwatoyin Agaja is a Nigerian eco-socialist and environmentalist whose work is focused on solving the climate crisis. In 2020, she became one of the 22 finalists who were selected from a pool of 334 applicants for the leadership fellowship of GLP. She was the 2nd runner-up in the ideas pitch contest.

During her GLP community project, she worked with students from Nobel House College in Ogun state to promote climate and environmental literacy among them last year. Oluwatoyin and her team members informed them about the basic knowledge of climate change, peace-building, and sustainable development.

“Five active volunteers worked with us as a team to make the project a success, from material printing to active participation and follow-up. We also got grant support for the project from the Generalkopho  Leadership program (GLP) and publicity was done using our different social media platforms,” she said.

Facilitators included Dr. Bharti Chhiber, an environmentalist and university professor, from India; Obasanjo Fejemirokun, founder of Brace-Up The Young, and Oluwatoyin herself. The participants were taught the Sustainable Development Goals and the meaning of climate change, its effect on the environment, and global responses to solve this crisis.

“We had 64 students who attended the program and they were directly impacted as the school head gave positive feedback that the students have gained new knowledge and that they are willing and ready to take action in their community,” Oluwatoyin concluded.

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