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Generalkopho Leadership Program
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Creating opportunities for young Nigerians to become transformational leaders
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Positively impacting the lives of young adults, women, children and the underprivileged.
GLP Fellowship
At GLP, we don’t just TRAIN leaders, we also SUPPORT and CONNECT them to transform their communities.
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Who We Are

Generalkopho Leadership Program (GLP) is creating opportunities for young people to become transformational leaders– to discover and build purpose, and make a difference– in their communities. We are focused on promoting the sustainable development goals  (SDGs) with a keen interest in SDGs 1-7, 11 and 13 through our community projects/campaigns.

Through our fellowship, online community, prosperity project, master classes, and community leadership centers, we want to have a POSITIVE IMPACT on at least 100 million people– mostly young persons, women, children and the extremely poor– over the next 10 years.

Our ultimate goal is to mentor at least 1000 young people into transformational leaders in government, business, civic and corporate sectors by August 17, 2027. Their influence over the years will challenge the status quo, transform their communities, and change the course of history. Come with us!

What We Do


We’re empowering and connecting young people to become transformational leaders.


Through our flagship programs GLP fellowship and Transformational Leaders Connect (TLC), we are bringing the next generation of young leaders together to create a lasting change.


Our ultimate goal is to mentor 1000 young people into transformational government, business, civic and corporate leaders who would have (indirectly) impacted on at least 100 million people by August 17, 2027.


It is our belief at GLP that the primary role of transformational leadership is to create a better and inclusive society for everyone to live in, no matter who they are, where they live, or what they don’t have.


We give a helping hand to women, children, youths and the underprivileged  in communities across Nigeria through the prosperity project.

Changing Lives and Building Leaders Since 2017
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Lives Impacted
How You Can Get Involved

Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Partner with us

Our Fellows are working everyday to create change in their local communities (online and offline). Whether you’re a journalist, business, civic or government leader, donor, leadership strategist or a citizen of any country, you can partner with us, support our fellows and/or help us scale the impact we are making. We are willing to work with you, please feel free to reach out to us.

Become a Sponsor

Your donations can help change the lives of ordinary people by supporting the work of our Fellows. From helping indigent kids get into school to empowering rural women and children, teaching young people in violence-prone communities to code, improving the health and safety of ordinary citizens, your donations can make a huge difference and change the course of history. 

Impact Stories

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Adaude Amalunweze @Ada_Superstar​

GLP program was like redemption. It came at the period when I got tired of looking for networking opportunities. I love meeting people, GLP provided a platform for me to network with like-minded individuals & also learn from them. It opened my eyes to see that the world is full of unlimited opportunities. Also, the importance of mentorship & volunteerism. Of course, without GLP, I wouldn’t have come across great minds like General Kopho, Gbemiga, Grace, Osagie & my fellow GLP participants. Thank you, for believing in me even when I give up on myself.

Môm Chia

Personally, I have benefited a lot from this program I think this was specifically meant for me. This program has helped me develop myself in ways I never expected. I have built self confidence and also the urge to delve into aspects of life I never thought I will be able to.

It is no longer news that I am now a Global Peace Ambassador. If not for this program, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to apply for that position. 

Also, I have engaged in several other humanitarian services in order to contribute my quota to nation building and I’m glad I did. On a whole, I would recommend GLP to anyone who wants to become a better person tomorrow.

Tolulope Akingbade

GLP is a life transforming platform that made me realise my true purpose; so many things changed for me positively after the program, I mean in every aspect of my life and personal development.

For budding entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become an exemplary leader, GLP is one to be a part of.

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